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FRP Is A Cost-Effective Construction Material Alternative

Today, more than ever, it is important to stretch of your capital expenditure dollars as far as they will go.  Not only should you strive to keep initial equipment purchase prices under control, but also bring factors such as “Lifecycle Cost” into focus.


A lifecycle cost is the sum of all costs that can be attributed to a piece of equipment or system, both recurring and non-recurring, that are incurred over its lifespan.  It includes the initial purchase price, the cost of its installation, all operating, maintenance and upgrade expense, as well as the costs associated with dismantling and disposing of the equipment at end of its service life.

New tanks, pressure vessels, pipe and duct systems are expensive and when used in conjunction with aggressive compounds, they will all eventually require replacement.  Obviously, the longer they can be safely kept in service, the better.  Therefore, it makes good business sense to purchase equipment fabricated from materials that offer the highest corrosion resistance for your investment dollar.


As a material of construction, FRP is a very cost-effective alternative.  It is far less expensive than most metal alloys with comparable corrosion resistance, and requires little or no maintenance during its extended service life.  This equates to significantly lower lifecycle costs.  


If you are uncertain about FRP, or not sure whether it would be a good application for your particular service conditions, look to Sentinel Consulting for help in making your decision. 


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